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Cognition, Action, and sensorimotor plasticity

Spinal mechanisms and motor functions

A voluntary muscular contraction results from a command initiated by cortical motor centers that spinally control pool of motoneurons. However, many spinal interneurons to which a lot of afferences and supra spinal projections converge endorse an integrative function that modulates the final command. This complex neural circuitry interprets the supra spinal command taking into account state and excitation conditions of the neuromuscular system. Interactions occurring before the spinal level are also numerous. It is therefore necessary to study the impact of state and excitation of the neuromuscular system on spinal and supra-spinal mechanismsux when a motor command is formed.

  • Excentric muscular contraction and cortico-spinal command.
  • Motor imagery and cortico-spinal command.
  • Spinal mechanisms in elderly.
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