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Cognition, Action, and sensorimotor plasticity

France Mourey

France Mourey email france.mourey{[at]} adresse Laboratoire INSERM U1093
Université de Bourgogne
Institut Marey, Maison de la Métalurgie
64 rue de Sully
21000 Dijon
telephone +33 3 80 39 67 65
fax +33 3 80 39 34 47
bureau Room n°202


I was born in 1955. I obtained my physiotherapy diploma in 1976. From 1881 to 2009 I worked in the Geriatric Hospital of Dijon ( Pr Michel Gaudet and Pr Pierre Pfitzenmeyer) as chief of a geriatric rehabilitation team. I have carried out clinical research concerning motor frailty, problems in equilibrium, falls and post-fall syndrome. My PhD at the University of Burgundy was on the effects of ageing on posture and movement with an emphasis on standing up and sitting down.


Areas of Expertise

• Assessment of balance function and gait in elderly
• Frailty of motor function and clinical approach
• Ethical aspects
• assessment and training of motor function in Alzheimer disease


Articles :

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Kubicki A, Petrement G, Bonnetblanc F, Mourey
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