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Cognition, Action, and sensorimotor plasticity


ANR (Projet Emergence TEC), 2013-2015
Title: Development of an intelligent electromyostimulator for muscular conditioning
Coordinator: Prof. Romuald Lepers (UMR INSERM 1093, Cognition, Action et Plasticité Sensorimotrice, CAPS)


    Prof. Stéphane Binczak (UMR CNRS 6306, Laboratoire Electronique, Informatique et Image Le2i, Université de Bourgogne)


The muscular electrostimulation or electromyostimulation (EMS) is a technique developed these last years within the framework of the rehabilitation of the atrophied muscle, but also to reinforce the healthy muscle of the sedentary or sporting subject. However, in order to optimise the parameters of the current of simulation (intensity, frequency) during an EMS session, it is necessary to record in real time some information relating to the properties of the stimulated muscle. The recording of the electrical activity of the simulated muscle by electromyography (EMG) is necessary to detect for example a muscular fatigue and/or to avoid the tissue damage in the case of the unconditioned muscle. To date, EMS and EMG are two independent techniques, requiring each specific cutaneous electrodes: some electrodes of stimulation for EMS and some electrodes for EMG recording. The localisation of EMS stimulation is thus different from the localisation of EMG recording. Moreover, EMS creates a stimulation artefact, which disturbs the signal collected by the EMG. The goal of this project was to develop a new system of muscular electrostimulation with electrodes having a double function (stimulation + recording). This system allows recording the muscular electrical activity during its stimulation, and will be able to adjust in real time the parameters of the current of stimulation. This new technology will represent the first intelligent electromyostimulator that will be able to control the intensity of stimulation according to the muscles’ response. This system is an alternative in the treatment of unconditioned muscle for subjects suffering from a motor deficiency (e.g. cardiac or respiratory insufficiency, obesity).

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