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Cognition, Action, and sensorimotor plasticity


ANR (Projet Générique – Projet de Recherche Collaboratif-Entreprise), 2015-2018
Title: Tailoring exercise with muscular contraction: development of an innovative hybrid ergometer
Acronym: EXO-MODE
Coordinator: Prof. Romuald Lepers (UMR INSERM 1093, Cognition, Action et Plasticité Sensorimotrice, CAPS)


  • Prof Jean-Marie CASILLAS, (PU-PH, Pôle de rééducation réadaptation du CHU de Dijon, CIC INSERM 1432).
  • Prof. Nicolas TORDI (EA 4267 « Fonctions et Dysfonctions Epithéliales, Plateforme EPSI, Besançon).
  • Prof Stéphane PERREY (laboratoire EA2991 Movement To Health (M2H), Montpellier)
  • Prof Ruddy RICHARD (INRA UMR 1019, Clermont-Ferrand)


The purpose of this project (défi 4 axe 13) is to develop a new paradigm in Physical Activity prescription, based on modulation of the muscular contraction mode (shortening (concentric) or lengthening (eccentric)). The goal is to provide a rehabilitation program tailored to each individual’s physiological and environmental realities through the development of a new hybrid ergometer interfaced with the subject. This device will modulate muscular contraction according to a personalized goal: the improvement of aerobic and/or anaerobic capacity. This project, which is based on previous work, requires new experiments to decipher the physiological and mental effects of both types of contraction and to determine the intensity and contraction modes that lead to optimized tolerance and efficacy. It will result in a wider choice of rehabilitation techniques to improve autonomy in the elderly or those suffering from chronic diseases.

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