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Cognition, Action, and sensorimotor plasticity

Nicolas Amiez

PhD Student
Nicolas Amiez email nicolas.amiez{[a]} adresse Laboratoire INSERM U1093
Université de Bourgogne
Institut Marey, Maison de la Métallurgie
BP 27877
21078 Dijon
telephone +33 3 80 39 67 67
bureau Room n°121



Neurosciences, Corticospinal Plasticity, Motor learning, Electromyography (EMG).


  • In progress: PhD in Neurosciences; INSERM U1093 CAPS, UBFC, Dijon.
  • 2019 : Master 2 – Adapted Physical Activities and Health, Research specialty – Dijon.
    « The effects of motor overlearning on long-term consolidation»
  • 2019 : University Diploma of Physical trainer ; Centre d’Expertise de la Performance « Gilles Cometti » – Dijon.
    « Wheelchair basketball : Comparison of two propulsion methods (Synchronized and Asynchronized) during repeated starts ».
  • 2017: Bachelor in STAPS – Adapted Physical Activities and Health – Dijon.


Title : Effects of overlearning on the consolidation of a motor skill. Behavioural and neurophysiological aspects.

Director : Christos Paizis (MCU)

Research topic : The aim is to study the behavioural and neurophysiological effects related to the pursuit of motor practice after achieving asymptotic performance in order to optimize the quantification of motor learning.


  • 1st year of bachelor’s degree in STAPS, Dijon – Le Creusot : Anatomy
  • 2nd year of bachelor’s degree in STAPS, Dijon (Sport training) : Scientific and experimental approach to training
  • 3rd year of bachelor’s degree in STAPS (Adapted Physical Activities and Health): Physical practice versatility
  • 1st year in master’s degree in STAPS (training and optimisation of sports performance): Physical training periodisation
  • 1st year in master’s degree in STAPS (Adapted Physical Activities and Health) : Instrumentation (Biodex)

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