Anaïs Gouteron

  • PhD Student
  • +33 3 80 29 38 15


Physical Medecine and rehabilitation (amputee, cardiac, low back pain)

Medical doctor of Physical Medecine and Rehabilitation (University hospital of Dijon)

  • Title The phenomenon of flexion-relaxation in the chronic non-specific low back pain patient: what is the most suitable methodology to measure this phenomenon and what are its relations with the kinematic parameters of the trunk
  • Supervisor Davy laroche
  • Co-Supervisor Stephane Armand
  • Research Topic : Low back pain, electromyography

Physical medecine and rehabilitation (cardiac, amputee)


Scientific articles in international or national peer-reviewed journals

Gouteron A, Tabard-Fougère A, Bourredjem A, Casillas JM, Armand S, Genevay S (2021) The flexion relaxation phenomenon in nonspecific chronic low back pain: prevalence, reproducibility and flexion-extension ratios. A systematic review and meta-analysis. European Spine J 31(1):136-151. (IF : 3,30)
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Gouteron A, Besson D, Gudjoncik A, Hannequin A, Laroche D, Casillas JM (2020) The Short and Fast Step Test: A Functional Tool to Assess Anaerobic Metabolism in Rehabilitated Coronary Patients. Annals of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine 63(4): 368‑71. (IF : 4.9)
Moissenet F, Naaim A, Ornetti P, Bourredjem A, Binquet C, Morisset C, Gouteron A, Maillefert JF, Laroche D, Moissenet F, et al. (2020) Is the Pelvis-Thorax Coordination a Valuable Outcome Instrument to Assess Patients With Hip Osteoarthritis? Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 7:457. (IF : 5.89)
Pageaux B, Besson D, Casillas JM, Lepers R, Gremeaux V, Ornetti P, Gouteron A, Laroche D (2020) Progressively Increasing the Intensity of Eccentric Cycling over Four Training Sessions: A Feasibility Study in Coronary Heart Disease Patients. Annals of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine 63(3):241‑44. (IF : 4.9)
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