Pierre Clos

  • Post-Doc
  • Pierre.Clos@u-bourgogne.fr
  • +33 3 80 39 67 67
  • R18
  • Laboratoire INSERM U1093
    Université de Bourgogne
    Institut Marey, Maison de la Métallurgie
    BP 27877
    21078 Dijon


Neurophysiology of fatiging exercise, Eccentric muscle contractions, Perceptual responses to exercise

2018 2nd year of master’s in Training and optimization of sports performance (research emphasis), Besançon, France
“Validation of instructions for measuring effort perception and muscle pain during cycling exercise”
2017 1st year of master’s as an Exchange student in Omaha, Nebraska, USA
2016 Bachelor’s in Sports training (cycling emphasize), Besançon, France
  • Title : Neuromuscular alterations induced by fatiging eccentric and concentric exercises : emphasis on eccentric cycling
  • Supervisor : Romuald Lepers
  • Research Topic : Neuromuscular alterations induced by fatiging eccentric exercices, essentially eccentric cycling

Scientific methods (3rd year of Bachelor’s)

Exercise physiology (1st year of Bachelor’s)

Eccentric cycling (2nd year of master’s, research emphasis)


Scientific articles in international or national peer-reviewed journals

Clos P, Lepers R, Garnier YM (2021) Locomotor activities as a way of inducing neuroplasticity: insights from conventional approaches and perspectives on eccentric exercises. European Journal of Applied Physioly 121(3):697-706. (IF : 3,47)
Clos P, Mater A, Laroche D, Lepers R (2021) Concentric versus eccentric cycling at equal power output or effort perception: neuromuscular alterations and muscle pain. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports. 32(1):45-5962. (IF : 4,79)
Mater A, Clos P, Lepers R (2021) Effect of cycling cadence on neuromuscular function –acute and chronic alterations. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 18(15):7912 (IF : 2,85)
Clos P, Garnier Y, Martin A, Lepers R (2020) Corticospinal excitability is altered similarly following concentric and eccentric maximal contractions. European journal of applied physiology 120(6):1457-1469. (IF : 3.08)
Clos P, Lepers R (2020) Leg Muscle Activity and Perception of Effort before and after Four Short Sessions of Submaximal Eccentric Cycling. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 17(21):7702. (IF :3.39)
Clos P, Lepers R (2019) Commentaries on Viewpoint: Distinct modalities of eccentric exercise, not the same dish. Eccentric cycling exercise: another recipe. The Journal of Applied Physiology 127(3):884-891. (IF : 3,05)