Gaëlle Deley

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Scientific articles in international or national peer-reviewed journals

Deley G, Cometti C, Paizis C, Babault N (2021) Effects of Light Pedaling Added to Contrast Water Immersion for Recovery after Exhaustive Exercise. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 18(24):13068. (IF : 2,85)
Deley G, Laroche D, Quenot JP (2021) Early rehabilitation in ICU for COVID-19: what about FES-cycling? Critical Care 25(1):94. (IF : 9,37)
Deley G, Culas C, Blonde MC, Mourey F, Vergès B (2019) Physical and Psychological Effectiveness of Cardiac Rehabilitation: Age Is Not a Limiting Factor! Canadian Journal of Cardiology 35:1353–8. (IF : 5,23)
Vitry F, Martin A, Deley G, Papaiordanidou M (2019) Effect of reflexive activation of motor units on torque development during electrically evoked contractions of the triceps surae muscle. The Journal of Applied Physiology, 126: 386-392, 2019. (IF : 3,04)
Deley G, Denuziller J, Casillas JM, Babault N(2017) One year of training with FES has impressive beneficial effects in a 36-year-old woman with spinal cord injury. Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine 40:107–12. (IF : 1.88)
Deley G, Guillemet D, Allaert FA, Babault N (2017) An Acute Dose of Specific Grape and Apple Polyphenols Improves Endurance Performance: A Randomized, Crossover, Double-Blind versus Placebo Controlled Study. Nutrients 9(8):917 (IF : 4.20)
Cometti C, Babault N, Deley G (2016) Effects of Constant and Doublet Frequency Electrical Stimulation Patterns on Force Production of Knee Extensor Muscles. Plos One 11(5):e0155429. (IF : 2.81)