Jocelyne Ventre-Dominey

  • INSERM Senior Researcher PhD - HDR
  • 202
  • Laboratoire INSERM U1093
    Université de Bourgogne
    Faculté des Sciences du Sport (UFR Staps)
    BP 27877
    21078 Dijon



Scientific articles in international or national peer-reviewed journals

Farizon D, Dominey PF, Ventre-Dominey J (2021) Insights on embodiment induced by visuo-tactile stimulation during robotic telepresence. Scentific Reports 11(1):22718. (IF : 5,13)
Jouen AL, Cazin N, Hidot S, Madden-Lombardi C, Ventre-Dominey J, Dominey PF (2021) Common ERP responses to narrative incoherence in sentence and picture pair comprehension. Brain and Cognition 153:105775. (IF : 3,10)
Hu Z, Yang H, Yang Y, Nishida S, Madden C, Ventre-Dominey J, Dominey PF, Ogawa K (2019) Common Neural System for Sentence and Picture Comprehension Across Languages: A Chinese–Japanese Bilingual Study. Frontiers in human neuroscience 13:380. (IF : 2,67)
Ventre-Dominey J, GibertG, Bosse-Platiere M, Farnè A, Dominey P, Pavani F (2019) Embodiment into a robot increases its acceptability. Scientific Reports 9(1), 10083. (IF : 4)
Verwey WB, Jouen AL, Dominey PF, Ventre-Dominey J (2019) Explaining the neural activity distribution associated with discrete movement sequences: Evidence for parallel functional systems. Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Neuroscience 19(1), 138-153. (IF : 2,21)
Jouen AL, Ellmore TM, Madden-Lombardi C, Pallier C, Dominey PF, Ventre-Dominey J (2018) Beyond the word and image: II-Structural and functional connectivity of a common semantic system. Neuroimage 166:185-197. (IF : 5,81)
Madden-Lombardi C, Dominey PF, Ventre-Dominey J (2017) Grammatical verb aspect and event roles in sentence processing. Plos One 12(12):e0189919 (IF : 2,78)
Ventre-Dominey J, Mollion H, Thobois S, Broussolle E (2016) Distinct effects of dopamine vs STN stimulation therapies in associative learning and retention in Parkinson disease. Behavioural Brain Research 302:131-41. (IF : 2,98)