Davy Laroche

  • Clinical Research Scientist
  • davy.laroche@chu-dijon.fr
  • CCGA 045
  • Plateforme d’Investigation Technologique (PIT)
    CIC INSERM 1432
    CHU de DIJON – Pôle de Rééducation-Réadaptation
    23 A, rue Gaffarel – BP 77908 – 21079 DIJON Cedex


Clinical research, biomechanics, psychometrics on digital biomarkers.

PhD 2003 : « Locomotor adaptions of patients with rhumatoid arthritis »

French – Habilitation à diriger des recherches 2019 : « Gait analysis for patients with hip or spine osteoarthrtitis.»

University degree on Statistics and methodological applied to medicine and biology, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris.

University degree on project management for clinical research, Université Paris-Bichat, Paris

My field of research is based on a holistic approach of motor function through various dimensions, biomechanical, bioenergetic, cognitive, and via the prism of different types of pathologies. The objective is to achieve a better understanding of motor function and to validate relevant measurement of digital biomarkers using motor function as a marker of deficit/disease. More recently, we develop an ecological-based monitoring tools for patients with chronic diseases with an integration of artificial intelligence for a better evaluation.


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Rehabilitation – Clinical research


Scientific articles in international or national peer-reviewed journals

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