Mathieu Gueugnon




Scientific articles in international or national peer-reviewed journals

Labarrière F, Thomas E, Calistri L, Optasanu V, Gueugnon M, Ornetti P, Laroche D (2020) Machine Learning Approaches for Activity Recognition and/or Activity Prediction in Locomotion Assistive Devices-A Systematic Review. Sensors 6:20(21):6345. (IF :3.58)
Besson D, Gouteron A, Sinssaine-Ayillo A, Casillas JM, Rigaud L, Ornetti P, Fournel I, Ksiazek E, Laroche D, Gueugnon M (2021) Is the Short and Fast Step Test a safe and feasible tool for exploring anaerobic capacities of individuals with coronary heart disease in clinical practice? European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine 57(6):977-984. (IF : 3,08)
Gasparutto X, Gueugnon M, LarocheD, Martz P, Hannouche D, Armand S (2021) Which functional tasks present the largest deficits for patients with total hip arthroplasty before and six months after surgery? A study of the timed up-and-go test phases. Plos One. 16(9):e0255037 (IF : 3,23)
Lamas V, Gueugnon M, Fournel I, Grelat M, Maillefert JF, Ornetti P, Martz P (2021) Dynamic global sagittal alignment in patients with lumbar spinal stenosis: Analysis of the effects of decompression surgery on gait adaptations. Gait Posture 88:272-279. (IF : 3,19)
Zhao Z, Salesse RN, Qu X, Marin L, Gueugnon M, Bardy BG (2020) Influence of Perceived Emotion and Gender on Social Motor Coordination. British Journal of Psychology 111(3):536‑55. (IF : 4.27)
Gueugnon M, Ornetti P, Laroche D (2019) In response to the article published by Dewolf et al, entitled: “Effect of walking speed on the intersegmental coordination of lower-limb segments in elderly adults”, Gait and Posture S0966-6362(19)31028-8 (IF : 2,35)
Gueugnon M, Stapley PJ, Gouteron A, Lecland C, Morisset C, Casillas JM, Ornetti P, Laroche D (2019) Age-Related Adaptations of Lower Limb Intersegmental Coordination During Walking. Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 7:173 (IF : 3,64)