Pierre Martz

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Scientific articles in international or national peer-reviewed journals

Bordet A, Le Mentec O, Arcens M, Trouilloud P, Baulot E, Martz P (2021) Chronic isolated radial head dislocation in adults: Technical note and literature review. Orthopaedics and Traumatology: Surgery and Research 107(2):102829. (IF : 2,46)
Caron E, Gabrion A, Ehlinger M, Verdier N, Rubens-Duval B, Neri T, Martz P, Putman S, Pasquier G (2021) Complications and failures of non-tumoral hinged total knee arthroplasty in primary and aseptic revision surgery: A review of 290 cases. Orthopaedics and Traumatology: Surgery and Research 107(3):102875. (IF : 2,46)
Gasparutto X, Gueugnon M, LarocheD, Martz P, Hannouche D, Armand S (2021) Which functional tasks present the largest deficits for patients with total hip arthroplasty before and six months after surgery? A study of the timed up-and-go test phases. Plos One. 16(9):e0255037 (IF : 3,23)
Grasso F, Martz P, Micicoi G, et al. (2021) Double level knee osteotomy using patient-specific cutting guides is accurate and provides satisfactory clinical results: a prospective analysis of a cohort of twenty-two continuous patients. International Orthopaedics. 46(3):473-479 (IF : 2,97)
Lamas V, Gueugnon M, Fournel I, Grelat M, Maillefert JF, Ornetti P, Martz P (2021) Dynamic global sagittal alignment in patients with lumbar spinal stenosis: Analysis of the effects of decompression surgery on gait adaptations. Gait Posture 88:272-279. (IF : 3,19)
Colombi R, Chauvet T, Labattut L, Viard B, Baulot E, Martz P (2019) Is distal locking screw necessary for intramedullary nailing in the treatment of humeral shaft fractures? A comparative cohort study. International Orthopaedics 43(9):2151-2160. (IF : 2,86)
Martz P, Bourredjem A, Maillefert JF, Binquet C, Baulot E, Ornetti P, et al. (2019) Influence of body mass index on sagittal hip range of motion and gait speed recovery six months after total hip arthroplasty. International Orthopaedics 43(11):2447-2455 (IF : 2,85)
Andrin J, Pottecher P, Viard B, Baulot E, Trouilloud P, Martz P (2017) Linear relationship between lateralization of the bicipital groove and humeral retroversion and its link with the biepicondylar humeral line. Anatomical study of seventy cadaveric humerus scans. International Orthopaedics 41:1431–4. (IF : 2.38)
Martz P, Bourredjem A, Laroche D, Arcens M, Labattut L, Binquet C, Maillefert JF, Baulot E, Ornetti P (2016) Röttinger approach with dual-mobility cup to improve functional recovery in hip osteoarthritis patients: biomechanical and clinical follow-up. International Orthopaedics 41(3):461-467. (IF : 2.52)