Patrick Quercia

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  • 15 rue du Clair Matin
    F21200 BEAUNE


Ophthalmologist specialized in pediatric ophthalmology

MD and ophthalmologist

The role of sensory-motor systems and proprioception in learning disorders

University Diploma: Perception Action and Learning Disorders


Scientific articles in international or national peer-reviewed journals

De Ghelcke AV, Skoura X, Edwards MG, Quercia P, Papaxanthis C (2021) Action representation deficits in adolescents with developmental dyslexia. Journal of Neuropsychology 15(2):215-234. (IF : 2,80)
Laprevotte J, Papaxanthis C, Saltarelli S, Quercia P, Gaveau J (2021) Movement detection thresholds reveal proprioceptive impairments in developmental dyslexia. Scientific Reports 11(1):299. (IF : 5,13)
Quercia P, Pozzo T, Marino A, Guillemant AL, Cappe C, Gueugneau N (2020) Children with Dyslexia Have Altered Cross-Modal Processing Linked to Binocular Fusion. A Pilot Study. Clinical Ophthalmology 14:437‑48. (IF : 0.77)
Mettey A, Bouvier AM, Jooste V, Boucher Y, Quercia P (2019) Are changes in the stomatognatic system able to modify the eye balance in dyslexia? Journal of Oral Biology and Craniofacial Research 9(2): 166–171. (IF : 1,56)
Quercia P, Pozzo T, Marino A, Guillemant AL, Cappe C, Gueugneau N (2019) Alteration in binocular fusion modifies audiovisual integration in children. Clinical Ophthalmology 13:1137–45. (IF : 1,28)
Michel C, Quercia P, Joubert L (2018) Representational Bias in the Radial Axis in Children With Dyslexia: A Landmarks Alignment Study. Journal of Learning Disabilities 52(2):158-167 (IF : 2,6)