William Dupont

  • PhD Student
  • william.dupont@bourgogne.fr
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  • Laboratoire INSERM U1093
    Université de Bourgogne
    Institut Marey, Maison de la Métallurgie
    BP 27877
    21078 Dijon


Neurosciences, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, Language and motor cortex, Subliminal language, Semantic processing, Motor imagery.

Currently PhD in Neurosciences ; CAPS INSERM U1093, UBFC, Dijon
2018-2019 2nd year of research master in adapted physical activities and health University of Dijon
‘’Action language, semantic context and corticospinal excitability’’
2017-2018 1st year of research master in adapted physical activities and health University of Dijon
“Study on the immediate effect of mental training on the performance of a pointing task.”
2017 Bachelor in Sport Science, University of Dijon
  • Title: the meaning of words in the motor cortex.
  • Supervisor : LEBON Florent
  • Co-supervisor : MADDEN-LOMBARDI Carol
  • Research Topic: The present project brings together the fields of embodied language comprehension and neuroscience of motor control to better understand how the motor system is activated through language processing. Applying techniques from the study of motor control, such as TMS, we will be able to precisely measure the temporal dynamics of activation in the motor cortex while reading action words and sentences. The project consists of three axes, 1 and 2 addressing fundamental aspects of motor cortex implication during language, and 3 proposing possible applications for these findings.

Neuroscience, muscular and cellular physiology, numerical culture, statistics


Scientific articles in international or national peer-reviewed journals

Ruffino C, Truong C, Dupont W, Bouguila F, Michel C, Lebon F, Papaxanthis C (2021) Acquisition and consolidation processes following motor imagery practice. Scientific Reports 11(1):2295. (IF : 5,13)