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Cognition, Action, and sensorimotor plasticity

Florent Lebon

Florent Lebon email florent.lebon{[at]} adresse Laboratoire INSERM U1093
Université de Bourgogne
Faculté des Sciences du Sport (UFR Staps)
BP 27877
21078 Dijon
telephone +33 3 80 39 67 54
fax +33 3 80 39 67 49
bureau Room n°207



Neurosciences, motor imagery, action observation, motor learning, sensorimotor plasticity, motor cognition


2011   Post-doctorate fellow at University of California, Berkeley (CA, USA). « Preparation of actual and imagined movements ».
2010   Post-doctorate fellow at University of Auckland (New-Zealand). « Cognitive inhibition during motor imagery ».
2009   PhD in Sport Science, University of Lyon (France): « Efficiency of mental training on the development and the recovery of motor capacities »
2006   MSc in Sport Science, University of Lyon (France).
2004   BSc in Sport Science, University of Valenciennes (France).

Research Topics

My main topic is focused on the effect of motor imagery on motor learning, performance and rehabilitation after peripheral and central injuries. My research encompasses behavioural and cognitive neuroscience and psychophysiology.
The main tools/methods of my scientific activity are: electromyographic activity, measurement of the autonomic nervous system (cutaneous resistance, heart rate), transcranial magnetic stimulation, and peripheral nerve stimulation.
My first axe of research consists in understanding the neural mechanisms of motor imagery and action observation. My second axe aims at assessing the benefits of mental practice on motor performance. Finally, my third axe explores new techniques of cognitive stimulation to promote motor rehabilitation.


Neurosciences, motor learning, psychopathology, exercise physiology, statistics


Track and field Coach for the Dijon UC team (combined events, athletes between 12 and 16 year-old).


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