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Cognition, Action, and sensorimotor plasticity


The lab is equipped with two VICON motion capture systems.


The first system comprises 6 MX13 cameras and is calibrated to motion analysis of small rodents on treadmills.

viconrat1 eee viconrat2
Setting up the animal and passive markers eee Recording on a treadmill


Data analysis


Images Copyright: Inserm/Patrice Latron


The second system is composed by 7 T10 cameras and is connected to two EMG WIFI Aurion (16 channels).
It is mainly dedicated to postural and pointing motion capture in humans.
It can also be interfaced with a stabilometry force platform.



Setting up of the system for a pointing task.
Projection display allows for a real time control of visual information presented to the participant.


Image Copyright: Laboratoire INSERM U1093


Constructor :


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