Centre for Performance Evaluation


Centre d’Expertise de la Performance
Université de Bourgogne
Faculté des Sciences du Sport (UFR STAPS)
BP 27877
21078 Dijon

General presentation

Since 1994, the Centre d’Expertise de la Performance Gilles Cometti (CEP) focuses on Evaluation and Physical conditioning.

In order to fit with elite sports requirements, the CEP developed a novel idea of physical conditioning based on the development of the neuromuscular function. The CEP is also a reserach laboratory conducting lots of experiments to improve scientific knowledge on physical training and to optimize physical conditioning. Besides its vocation for Physical conditioning, the Centre d’Expertise de la Performance Gilles also aimed to spread its knowledge through a Physical conditioning University Degreeand many other training courses, meeting and publications.

Physical conditioning

Located in Dijon and based on Gilles Cometti’s conceptions, the CEP has the experience, the devices and the facilities required for elite physical conditioning.

Therefore, we offer you several services related to physical conditioning:

  • Evaluation of physical qualities
  • Individualized or collective results sheet
  • Individualized physical conditioning. Sessions are adapted depending on the sports, results to physical tests and objectives.

Physical conditioning can be performed in three different ways:

  • In Dijon: on a training period or year-long. Training sessions take place in the CEP facilities and are organized by one or several physical coaches.
  • On the training field. Our team can move to your facilities either year-long or from time to time.
  • By correspondence: Training sessions are emailed and accompanied by a detailed explanation of each exercise + a video if needed. A physical trainer will keep in touch with your technical staff on regular basis. He will go to your place several times an year for evaluations.


The Centre d’Expertise de la Performance Gilles Cometti also aims to do research, sports’ audit and engineering (feasibility studies, tests conception and validation…). Several experiments are conducted in order to improve scientific knowledge on physical training and to optimize physical conditioning. These studies are based on muscle physiology, neurophysiology and exercise physiology. The main themes are:

  • Effects of electromyostimulation on strength, jumping ability, speed and specific performance,
  • Acute effects of stretching
  • Effects of several warm-up modalities on subsequent performance,
  • Neuromuscular fatigue and recovery following several types of effort,
  • Effects of an aerobic training program coupled with respiratory muscles exercises on cardiovascular and respiratory systems adaptations.

Moreover, the CEP works in collaboration with industries and R&D departments for products or concept testing. Collaborative actions go from training tools, nutrition supplementation (protein, polyphenols…), shoes, exoskeleton, tissue, augmented reality…

Training courses

Every year, the CEP organises training courses to deliver a Physical conditioning University degree as well as several meetings

The Physical conditioning University degree provides students with the knowledge and skills to be able to conduct physical training in a sports structure. The training can answer most of your questions for the physical preparation of your athletes (all levels, all sports). Since 2013, DU has a new formula including some new themes, an additional seminar, TD, continuous monitoring and more exchanges with the teaching staff. Among the people trained by the CEP, several are known physical conditioning specialist in professional teams (soccer, volley-ball, rugby…). Note that the CEP also offers customized training for clubs, leagues, federations, physiotherapists’ offices. Books and videos related to physical conditioning are frequently published for coaches, physical conditioning specialist, students…