Pauline Hilt

  • Post-Doc


Cognitive Sciences, motor control, optimal control of human motor commands, action observation, mirror neurons, individual motor signatures

2010 Bachelor of Informatics and Mathematics at Nancy University
2012 Master’s degree in Cognitive Science with honors at Cogmaster (ENS/EHESS/ParisV)
2012-2015 PhD in University of Burgundy / thematic: Motor decision and modular control of a hyper-redundant system
2015-2020 Post-doctoral researcher in Italian Institute of Technology « Center for Translational Neurophysiology » (University of Ferrara, Dir: Pr. Fadiga L.) / thematic: Neural and motor basis of non-verbal human-to-human interactions
2020-today Post-doctoral researcher in the laboratory INSERM U1093, action, cognition et plasticité sensorimotrice (Pr. Papaxanthis C.) / thematic: Motor signatures in normal and pathological motor control
  • Title: Motor decision and modular control of a hyper-redundant system
  • Supervisor: Pr. Pozzo T
  • Co-Supervisor: Dr Berret B
  • Research Topic: human motor control, a computational approach

UFR Staps (2014/2015, Univ of Burgundy; 65H équ.TD) ; level: undergraduate and master; thematic: informatics, motor control and neurosciences
IFA (2017/2018, Metz; 2h) in the alternative marketing course, thematic: mirror neurons
UFR Staps (2020/2021, Univ of Burgundy; 3H) Level: master; thematic: motor control

Technical skills

Technics: Motion capture (kinematic, electromyography, oculometry), cerebral imagery (electroencephalography), Transcranial Stimulation (transcranial magnetic stimulation)

Software: Matlab, Statistica, Microsoft Office

Analyses: EEG and behavioral data analyses, Classical statistics, Optimal control, Dimensionality reduction methods, Granger causality


Current research summary

My current research interest is about understanding the effect of motor control laws and individual capabilities (individual motor signatures) on perceptual parameters (action observation effect, associated sensorimotor neural plasticity and sensorimotor performances). In particular, I’m building a tool to help at the different levels of motor prevention (from primary prevention to motor rehabilitation) based on action observation. I first explore motor control theories in particular the large inter subject variability present in whole body daily life movements (individual motor signatures). I then use these data to create and test different action observation protocols on young healthy subjects, old healthy subjects and patients.


Scientific articles in international or national peer-reviewed journals

Ruffino C, Rannaud Monany D, Papaxanthis C, Hilt P, Gaveau J, Lebon F (2021) Smoothness discriminates physical from motor imagery practice of arm reaching movements. Neuroscience 483:24-31. (IF : 3,88)
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