Elizabeth Thomas

  • Associate Professor
  • Elizabeth.Thomas@u-bourgogne.fr
  • 03 80 39 67 84
  • 115
  • Institut Marey
    64 Ruede Sully
    21000 Dijon


Computational Neuroscience, Motor Control

  • Accreditation to Direct Research, Université de Bourgogne, section 69 (Neurosciences).Title: Computational Neuroscience : From Networks to Behavior
  • Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of Texas, Austin, U.S.A. Title : Investigation of Dynamic and Static Aspects of a Thalamocortical Simulation
  • Bachelor’s in Chemistry (summa cum laude), St. John’s University, New York

Machine learning to understand motor control and electrophysiological recordings in the motor cortex. Embodiment of cognition.

Introduction to Neuroscience, Neuroscience for Rehabilitation, Statistics, Matlab, Visual system for Engineers


Scientific articles in international or national peer-reviewed journals

Labarrière F, Thomas E, Calistri L, Optasanu V, Gueugnon M, Ornetti P, Laroche D (2020) Machine Learning Approaches for Activity Recognition and/or Activity Prediction in Locomotion Assistive Devices-A Systematic Review. Sensors 6:20(21):6345. (IF :3.58)
Thomas E, French R, Alizee G, Coull JT (2019) Having your cake and eating it: Faster responses with reduced muscular activation while learning a temporal interval. Neuroscience410:68–75. (IF : 3,1)
Casteran M, Hilt P, Mourey F, Manckoundia P, French R, Thomas E (2018) Shifts in key time points and strategies for a multisegment motor task in healthy aging subjects. The Journals of gerontology. Series A, Biological sciences and medical sciences 73:1609-1617. (IF : 4,71)
Addyman C, Rocha S, Fautrelle L, French RM, Thomas E, Marechal D(2017) Embodiment and the origin of interval timing kinematic and electromyographic data. Experimental Brain Research 235(3):923–930. (IF : 1.81)
Torlay L, Perrone-Bertolotti M, Thomas E, Baciu M (2017) Machine learning-XGBoost analysis of language networks to classify patients with epilepsy. Brain Informatics 4(3):159-169 (IF : 3.53)
Addyman C, French RM, Thomas E (2016) Computational models of interval timing. Current opinion in Behavioral Sciences 8:140-146. (IF : 3.42)
Casteran M, Putot A, Pfitzenmeyer F, Thomas E, Manckoundia P (2016) Analysis of the impact of a cognitive task on the posture of elderly subjects with depression compared with healthy elderly subjects. Clinical Neurophysiology 127(11):3406-11. (IF : 3.87)
Thomas E, French RM (2016) Grandmother cells: much ado about nothing. Language, Cognition and Neuroscience 32:342-349. (IF :1.93)