Marey Centre

The Marey Centre is dedicated to innovations in motor evaluation and care for persons susceptible to health problems as well as to those at a more advanced stage of disability. An evaluation of motor functional capacity (locomotion, equilibrium, coordination, force etc) and cognitive capacities (anticipation, prediction, reaction time and attentional capacities) is available. After this evaluation, individualized care aiming to prevent cognitive and motor deterioration due to poor aging or other pathologies can be provided by personnel who specialize in the field of adapted motor activity. Other than methods based on the activation of the muscular and cardiorespiratory system, we also investigate techniques based on virtual reality, mental training and digital tools. The centre is the venue for several cultural presentations on science.

Experimental Materials

System for Movement Analysis

The laboratory houses several Vicon systems for movement analysis. It is composed of several cameras synchronized with systems of Wifi EMG units (xxxx channels). The setup is primarily used to evaluate posture, gait and pointing in humans. The VICON is also synchronized with a force platform.

The Robot Cognition Laboratory

Within the Marey centre, the Robot Cognition Laboratory is set up in the motion capture room.  The RCL includes the world famous iCub robot, along with the Pepper.  Having these robots in the motion capture room creates a unique experimental setup that is being exploited in a number of new projects.


Isokinetic Biodex Ergometers

The lab houses xxx isokinetic Biodex ergometers for evaluating muscular force.

Ultrasound Scanner

The ultrasound scanner is used to analyze muscular structure. It can also be synchronized with the Biodex for measuring joint moments and associated EMGs.

Systems for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

The lab possesses several systems for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation to be applied in single or double mode. The stimulators are often used in association with a Neuronavigation Brainsight system.

Peripheral Stimulation Systems

The lab owns a Digitimer stimulator for the evaluation of neuromuscular function.