Social Valorizations

Since 2016, the laboratory has opened the doors of the Marey centre to high school students who have the privilege of discovering one of the biggest research infrastructures in Bourgogne. The day is jointly organized by the CAPS INSERM and the LEAD CNRS labs. During the day, the researchers allow the high school students to discover the benefits of physical and cognitive activities through the use of workshops putting together educational content and technology. The aim of the workshops is to awaken the intellectual curiosity of the young students.

Industrial Valorizations

The industrial valorization activities are carried out within the MAREY platform.
Activities and skills: Cognition, Brain, Plasticity, Motor, Imaging, Vision, Eye movement capture, NIRS, Muscular mechanics, Surface electromyography, EEG, Magnetic and electrical stimulation, Motor nerve – Motor cortex, Movement capture, Physical exercise, Ageing.


Examples of industrial services provided :


  • Evaluation of sacro-illiac mobility with a regular saddle compared to an articulated seat in aging subjects while pedalling on an ergocycle (INAWA company).
  • Analysis of the pointing movement in a fatigue situation. Implementations for a numerical model of the human in working condition (INRS Nancy).

Cultural Valorizations

The members of the lab (PhD students and postdocs) participate actively in the spread and application of their work for members of academic institutions as well as for the general public. For example, the young researchers of the lab take part each year in the event entitled ‘The Night for Researchers’. These events are organized as part of the ‘Experimentarium’ ( program whose objective is to create a dialogue between researchers and players outside the academic institution.


Current members :

Amiez Nicolas
Dupont William
Hilt Pauline
Jacquet Thomas
Rannaud Monany Dylan
Ruffino Célia


Past members :

Barbiero Marie
Bonnet Clémence
Bourrelier Julien
Casteran Matthieu
Grosprêtre Sidney
Rozand Vianney
Traverse Elodie



Expo Iran

Inventor of the chronophotography, method at the origin of the cinema industry, EJ Marey introduces in the West a new way of figuration of the living world. Once the living nature was broken down into images, it would no longer be studied or viewed in the same way..

By providing the first images of events elusive to the naked eye as the race of men and animals, this technological revolution fascinates engineers in search of innovative methods as well as artists in search of realism or abstraction..


L’Art et la Science du Mouvement is a new digital project that brings together a selection of photographs from the collections of the Golestan Palace in Tehran as well as photographs taken by Etienne Jules Marey, a French scientist of the late nineteenth century, preserved in France.



Station Marey

La station Marey is a digital platform under development which aims to discover the work of the scientist E.-J. Marey, whose work inspired those of the CAPS laboratory.